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are focusing of virginia as the battleground state. we are talking to a professor to let us know what is going on as well as both presidential candidates campaigning in virginia today. president obama will be in virginia beach and mitt romney will be in springfield for a veterans rally. if you want to see more about those events as well as every other thing going on, c- is where you can turn to. stay with us that a:34 analysis of virginia. st. paul, minn., spending more is the category. mike is joining us. caller: i find myself spending more these days. just with the basic essentials such as gas, utilities -- i am a single father. a lot of my income is going directly to my son. there is really no room for savings at this point. i think a lot of it is the rise in gas. host: how much is a gallon of gas? caller: it is about $3.60. host: how much do you burn after a week? caller: $50 is probably a fair estimate. host: as far as other spending, you mentioned your son. what about luxuries'? caller: i think that is pretty much staying the same for me. i like to treat him to some luxury's eve
of the african american vote in virginia. we will also be joined by the editor in chief of the washington monthly to discuss a recent article in the magazine examining the consumer financial protection bureau. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: this wednesday morning we would love to hear your take on foreign policy. specifically on what the governor -- former governor massachusetts, mitt romney, and president barack obama had said yesterday. specifically yesterday said -- specifically we want your general level confidence in each candidate on the area of foreign policy. here are the numbers to call. for democrats, 202-737-0001. for republicans, 202-737-0002. for independents, 202-628-0205. if you would like to take part in the program, there are different ways to do that.,an.o or e-mail at "the baltimore sun" encapsulate the speeches yesterday. they pointed out that president barack obama made an impassioned defense of the expression of freedom worldwide. mitt romney urged other nations to emulate the free economy and suggested that the
'll continue the conversation with virgin -- virgil good from richmond, virginia. are third parties still relevant. donald green is the author of "third party matters". he'll be joining us in the next hour. the "washington journal" continues for this sunday morning. we are back in a moment. >> you say we ought to surcharge smokers and the obese for their medicare coverage. >> right. >> where did that idea came from? >> it came from us. i mean, i'm the person who put it in the memo but i didn't have to fight very hard for it. i ran into this -- something i ran in the "washington post", where it said -- instead of calling people morbidly obese i called them mega fatties and i was rebuked for this for being insensitive which i guess i probably a.m. -- probably am but this is another thing where everybody knows this to be true and someone has to pay for it. i'm not saying you should bankrupt people who have it -- but you know, there should be penalties. i mean, i'm not really a democrat, but i'm certainly a democrat compared to him, but you have to be responsible to some extent for your perso
to be more patriotic to were the country. host: thank you. let's listen to another clip from a virginia group of undecided voters. the question is "was cares or concerns you right now?" >> just the whole economy. how do we get out? i do not see any candidates really having a plan were really giving direction. host: back to the newspapers this morning. next from twitter -- let's take the next call from here in washington, d.c. joyce is a republican. caller: i agree with those who say i do not think we are recovering. i think the major part of it is so many of the billionaire's are sailing along and we are being pulled back by billionaires' like george soros who continually says he was to puncture the american supremacy. he has a book called "the bubble of american supremacy." he says that. i heard him speak a while ago at the national press club. one thing he was trying to do at the time was trying to legalize drugs. there was a huge article in the new yorker magazine talking about a meeting he held. i am very concerned about this election. we attended a meeting that some of his young people w
. focusing on the politics in prince william county, virginia. back to your calls, we are focusing on the "the new york times" editorial entitled "the road to retirement." rosalie is on the phone. caller: good morning. thank you for your show. on this retirement, i was wondering, my husband died of lung cancer at 47. i went back to school, got a good job, saved a lot of money. interest rates are dropping down to one-half of 1%. i used to earn between $1,000 and $2,000 for year. i have earned interest of only $138 on $300,000. and i help my children. as i dip into my principal, because i gave slow interest half of 1%, i cannot help my children as much. we are all being affected. i am extremely angry at the interest rates being so low. it is helping the rich people, but what about older people who have saved all that money and now we are getting 120 something dollars out of it? host: for you personally and others in a similar situation, what do you think the solution is? caller: a quick solution should be some sort of help for older people who have taken minimum distribution out of t
for the call. abby is on the phone from leesburg, virginia on our republican line. caller: i was just calling to say i agree with the last caller that we do have quite a bit of standstill because people are mostly focused on the politics of just polarizing the different parties than actually agreeing to compromise. however, i do appreciate some of the social issues, specifically abortion, that they don't compromise as much. not every issue needs to be such a hard-line. host: thank you. twitter --ion if you are listening on c-span radio, we are talking about congress, expected to wrap up business today, recessing for the november elections and then back for a busy lame-duck session. mike has this story -- is more from the democratic leader nancy pelosi of california. [video clip] >> members of congress that were elected to a job, not just to hold the job by campaigning. but republicans are not interested in working together to create jobs and grow the economy and strengthen the middle-class. between august 3 when we adjourned and november 13 when we are scheduled to come back to session, augus
of the united states, so we're going to move on to curtis on our line for republicans, calling from virginia this morning. go ahead, curtis. caller: yeah, i believe in one-party control in congress if it's a republican. if it's not, i don't want to see the democrats in control. i think they got way too extreme and the reason they don't compromise as much -- i feel it's all the democrats' fault. host: let me refer you to a tweet that we have from gary. gary says divided government is best. however, not dysfunctional government. we need people who do government can do things and allow it to do those things. what do you think? caller: honestly, i think divided government is it good, and i do like the fact that there's -- for example, you've got obama, he wants to put forth a socialist agenda. i don't want a socialist agenda. they keep saying we're obstructing. you're darn right we're obstructing. we don't 79 a socialist agenda in united states. that's been tried in europe, and look how bad off they are. it's just a disaster. i don't mind when they call us obstructionists, and i'm proud we're ob
in stafford, virginia, on our republican line. kevin, good morning. you're first up. what do you think about media coverage of campaign 2012? caller: oh, it's biased. it totally leans against the republicans. one example is every day in "the washington post," whenever there is a picture printed of barack obama or mitt romney, the picture of barack obama always has that beautiful barack obama smile on it. it's the best picture they could find of barack. and then right below it, there will be a picture of mitt romney with a sneer and he's very angry, like he's yelling at a crowd. but when, in fact, there's thousands of pictures available of mitt romney with a beautiful smile on his face and really looking positive and happy. they refuse to print those pictures. for people who don't read but just look at pictures -- there's a lot of people like that. that's one thing that the mainstream media in print, in newspapers, the "new york times," "washington post," they do it all the time. they used to find every glowing picture possible of hillary clinton that they could find. host: all right, kevin,
jobs -- again, this is from cnn this morning. president obama was in virginia a yesterday campaigning. here is a little bit of the president. [video clip] >> we come too far to go back. we got a lot more young people to send to college. we have teachers we need to hire and schools we need to build. that've got more veterans we've got to take care of. we've got more opportunity -- the doors of opportunity we've got to open up. and we've got to walk through those doors. that is why i'm running for a second term. host: lead editorial from usa today -- gene sperling, who is the president of the economic council has an opposing editorial this morning. that is a little bit of gene sperling's opposing editorial in usa today. the convention kicks off at 5:00 p.m., but from 4:00 p.m., our preview show. during the live show at 4:00 p.m., david maraniss, author of the barack obama book that came out this year. and he has also written a barker fee of bill clinton. he will be one of the guest this morning, along with david wasserman of the cook political report. and finally come on robert gibbs of
-- polling. another one from the washington post in virginia. president obama with an eight point lead in virginia. another jim, from clinton, south carolina. thanks for calling. caller: good morning. when you mentioned how those people pay social security taxes, those have been cut for the past four years. the democrats had the ability to cut the taxes on those people, so those people got a big tax cut in social security payments. i am still paying over 7%. but those people don't pay any federal taxes and also had their social security taxes go down almost in half for the last four years. you have to wonder how a 47% of the people who don't pay federal taxes could have a cut in their social security tax for number of years and could keep electing a president who's going to give them everything and someone else is going to pay for it. it will not work if it gets over 50% because then it will be chaos. when you look at the teachers' strike in illinois, that's the example of the democratic society that everybody ends up with the same or close to one another and then all fight one another
. caller: my daughter teaches in virginia. i have a real problem with public service unions and the fact that their demands and their pay and retirement and so forth seems to be exorbitant. i just have a real problem with that. that's all i want to say. host: let's go to our parents line, sam in oklahoma city. caller: i am a 73-. year-old parent my daughter this year will retire after 29 years. i watched her and through the years, the hours and nights that she works for the children. at's say that you pay babysitter $10 per day and night she is watching 30 children, you figure that $300 per day, five days a week, $1,500 a week. when you add that up, that's a lot of money. but our teachers don't make that kind of money. people don't realize the hours they put in. and the sacrifices they make with the kids. my daughter, every year she has new kids coming in. i don't think the parents do their job. they don't realize our government does not realize we are the lowest paid country the world. india, japan, china, they all pay their teachers better. education in this country will never go up un
. patti is a democrat from virginia. caller: my first comment would be, as somebody who has been in washington working on national- security issues for 24 years, i was really shocked listening to mitt romney, the second statement post-killing of ambassador stevens. i was really shocked. it struck me as somebody reading a script -- like a high-school student reading a script to sound tough and it to sound like he actually knew what was going on. i work at the state department. i have access to all of the chronology and the many e-mails that were sent out and what really happened. the sequence of events was totally distorted by the mayor romney campaign to try to open up an opportunity to make him look -- the mitt romney campaign to try to make him look tough. to listen to the fox news hannity show, to see how they were portraying the story. they basically -- he was talking to ann coulter as if those two were national security experts. there were going with the same line as if the actual attack on the embassy had happened before the statements from the embassy. the embassy statemen
instances similar to that. host: nancy writes -- arlington, virginia, philip, an independent scholar. what's your message to congress? caller: are we a reflection, the people of congress? we keep putting them in there. when people start to become enlightened again, where we might go. you have to take some responsibility for the mess we are in, the people. you can blame congress, but we don't want to look in the mirror at ourselves. the point i'm trying to make is our country is very divided right now. it's obvious. the wealthy, the middle, the poor, black, white, hispanic, all doing a pretty bad. we have to come together to fight the real issues that our country is facing. of course the economy is one. and to stay out of foreign entanglements, like barack obama is doing, unlike the bush administration. a fm radio and other stations are bent on negative comments about the president -- am radio. mike clear message is we need to look at people who are serving this country. maybe they need to have a university of washington, d.c. for people who serve this country with a minimum salaries so the
virginia. good morning. ahead. caller: i watched the video. romney is a spoiled kid. only thing he wants to do is be president. he does not care what he does for anybody. that's just his ambition, to be president. host: let me get your response to what the vice presidential nominee paul ryan said yesterday. he was in des moines. he said, "i remember the one time president obama was talking to donors in san francisco -- some are comparing this video to the video of president obama, the nominee at the time, at a fund-raiser in 2008. caller: romney will not show his tax returns. he worked for bain. all it did was bring companies to make. a make. he is a businessman. he never ran a business, he just tore them down. the ones that kept the business is going. they just told them what to do and made it so they could do nothing but go under. they made millions off of them. host: more on the president's comments in 2008, when that was leaked, the "washington times" has -- orange beach, florida, bobby is an independent. caller: the video confirms what i have already known a long time. nothing surpr
%. -- where the battle state's bar. michigan, ohio, virginia, north carolina, florida, and in new hampshire. these are the states that will determine whether the president is reelected. the president has 221 of votes. mitt romney has 191 leaving 126 votes in these doesn't toss up states. >> good morning. this is a good show a about the crisis. the reason i say that is because we have been having that as one of your callers said before a long time. we have not had a balanced bulked -- a balanced budget. if the people do not realize congress -- we have to change congress. republicans are not going to be able to vote either. once the congress sells us out to the mega millionaires, they will not be able to vote. anything they go against the republicans -- you can bet your life on this. republicans will kill social security and medicare. and the republicans or call and try to work -- they will start complaining. it will not be able to change anything because they well sell our government to the multi millionaires. host: thank you for the call. good morning. as we look at this story from the wash
is in real jeopardy there. >> whether or not he repeated in virginia depends on what? >> whether we get more votes. [laughter] what else do you need to know? [laughter] you know, i think virginia is going to be very close. virginia is closed now. i think it will continue to be close. a closely-divided state. we want to run our numbers up in northern virginia. i think the positions that governor romney has taken on issues like contraception is motivational for voters in that area. virginia is a state that prizes education. you know, the governor stressed education. that was the key to va's economic reform which has been very good. so i think they would appreciate a president that believes education has to be at the core of our economic strategy, and that is going to help us in that state. but there's no doubt, they're called battleground states for a reason, and it will be very close. >> the obama campaign in the obama white house have been sophisticated in the approach to how people consume information. we had a guest here the talked about how they use the videos in the 2008 campaign. based
: berkeley springs, west virginia. caller: when i see a baptist church next to a mosque in the middle east than i would say they have reason to complain. host: john is a democratic caller in albuquerque, new mexico. we will move on to wisconsin, randy, a republican. . good morning. caller: i don't think the government should regulate anything on the web. people can watch anything they want to. the government is trying to take more of our freedoms away. as far as the movie supposedly up,ing the muslims waound susan rice made a fool of herself yesterday on television try to take up for the u.s. and how obama has handled things in the middle east. he has incited this all because of apologizing to the moslems. when you read about mitt romney on the campaign, did you read anything from the washington times on what they said about his campaign or did you just read from the democratic papers? host: i read from the wall street journal as well. there was not a story in the washington times this morning specifically about that. let me give you this headline from the financial times -- so that the wo
virginia. carl is on our line for republicans. caller: i like going to the polls and voting because i am able to. the debate should have been held before the early voting started. we will have four liberal moderate this, which will skew the base. i think the voting public should be able to compare the two people side by side. i cannot believe -- when anne romney tells the truth, i cannot believe the -- when running -- when romney tells the truth, i cannot believe people do not want to hear it. this is crazy. host: are you going to take advantage of early voting in west virginia? caller: i like going to the polls. it gives us a chance to get out and meet people in the community. i have no problem with early voting, as long as it is legal, as long as the people who are owed aim here legally to vote. whenever there -- as long as the people who are voting are here legally. host: a tweet says, i favor early voting so people can get a photo of their ballots so that the election cannot be stolen a la dollars w. bush times two. the columbus bureau chief for the blade rights, as early vote approa
facebook page, no hyphen in c-span. patricia in bristol, virginia, you say you're sticking with the president. please tell us why. caller: absolutely. i voted for president barack obama in 2008 and i am more than happy to ask the question are you better off than you were four years ago. my answer is no, but i know the reason why. i know the reason why this economy has been dragged down like it is. the president cannot make employers hire. he can set the agenda so help to stimulate the economy, so that employers will hire. well, employers now have over a trillion dollars sitting in the bank and people need to understand. the president cannot make the private sector hire. they have to hire. and i mean, this subject to me is so emotional, when i hear people talk about our president spilling $17 million out of medicare, they do not read the facts. they have said over and over what he's done. he's closed the doughnut hole for seniors. this president is trying. and i just think he really does need more time. i take this so emotional. i am a big obama supporter, becaus
amounts will not be able to get out to me anymore. host: that is lewis from west virginia. a story this morning about the senate before they went out for congressional break to be back in november, they took of votes on a key pieces of business including the senate approving a six-month spending resolution to keep the government running. this is tenn., cal, good morning. caller: listen up closely. there is a dirty secret the democrats have not told the. they intend to take medicare and folded all and to the affordable care plan. even president obama said that. they said that yesterday at the aarp. seniors would be better protected under the affordable care act. i have already stolen $716 billion. they're going to take the rest of it. they really want a single payer plan. the fact of the matter is, they want to totally eliminate medicare and have a single payer plan for everybody. host: steve, hello. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i am 61 years old. i have medicare. i have a social security disability. i had a liver transplant two years ago. i have been watching
on the front page of the washington post this morning, about virginia -- we will hear from a romney supporter in pennsylvania. maria, go ahead. caller: i am supporting mitt romney. i believe he will focus more on the job and hand. i think the president actually is not focused. he is just complaining all the time and goes on all these talk shows and is not really dealing with at hand. is not paying attention. i am not impressed. host: how did you vote in 2008? caller: i voted for john mccain. i felt mr. obama did not get enough experience to be president of the united states. host: now to south carolina, a president obama supporter, dori. caller: what i heard people say really concerns me. i think the president has been very clear on his position. i don't think people are looking at information. i think a lot of them are listening to news programs a lot of times. one of the things that really concerns me, and i don't hear enough about this, i don't want other people telling you about my health and what decisions i have to make for my life and my morality. there is too much conversation from a
dictator. now to mclean, virginia. first i want to show reaction web sites.ewspape here's the huffington post headline -- and the daily caller headline -- duwann in apple valley, illinois? ?oor bob caller: it is bob in apple valley, california. looking at the dnc and the republican convention, the one thing that disturbed me more than anything else is the fact that the republicans are always talking about breaking unions. it is the unions a lot of americans forget brought the minimum wage, health care to the workplace if paid by the employers, and the hope is in the dnc in my opinion. although i am an independent and i vote my conscience, i will have to vote for the democrats, because they support labor. it is what makes our country strong. thanks for taking my call. host:bob, thanks for your call. president obama in his speech last night laid out to the audience and the delegates and viewers why he's running for a second term. [video clip] >> [cheers and applause] i will not pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you did not elect me to tell you what you wanted to
are oscillate -- in making sure that they lent the might properly. host: franklin, virginia. on our democrat's line. this is annette. hello. you are on. caller: the unemployment rate is up today because -- a lot of people are working on jobs. and are terminated for the wrong reasons. guest: did you have such an experience? caller: yes. i said a person was selling drugs and the school. i told the superintendent. but instead, she terminated me. guest: one of the things that happens in a weak economy is that people are let go more easily for any given reason. employers just seem to of the upper hand when it comes to hiring. some of the callers to the earlier alluded to that. there were offering you a job, but there were born to pay you a quarter or a fifth of what they used to. because the job market is weak, it gives the employers leverage to kind of do as they please. it is something we see in the productivity data. the last upward revision to second quarter productivity suggests that employers are squeezing more out of every worker. you hear that anecdotally about people working longer hours
-- -- "washin- alexandria, virginia, tim, independent. caller: the united nations is limited, especially with regard to syria, because of russia and china, not a lot we can do. we talk a lot about the iranian nuclear missile threat, but israel has a nuclear arsenal. the u.s. military is prepared to t preparedhe iranian -- is prepared to eliminate the iranian nuclear threat within about two weeks. i don't think it would take them more than a month to finish that off. i really appreciate washington journal and i love your objectivity. what i like the most is when people call, it really makes me believe we need to have a government representative rather than just direct my%. host: girls age 14 can get birth control at new york's schools. that's one story you probably have heard about. and in the "new york times this morning, there's this in their national section -- they are frustrated with mayor rahm emanuel. in florida, a democratic caller, good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. good morning. the u.n. was created, basically, to undermine the united states. they tried at first wi
from berkeley springs, west virginia. steve's an independent. good morning to you. >> caller: good morning, good morning. >> host: why do you think washington is so divided? >> caller: i think it's divided because tibbles republicans have been in campaign mode since the moment obama was sworn into office. and that is not -- i mean even romney in his acceptance speech as the republican nominee said that he expected -- fully expected, that any new president would gain the full support of the nation. and that is not what has happened. that is not the american way. we should all be galvanized behind our presence. that is not what happen in this particular election with obama. you had the republicans take a very bipartisan approach the moment -- like i said, i believe you may complain that obama has been campaigning for the past year. they've been campaigning for the last four years. >> host: thanks for calling. a little more from the dan bam piece in the "post." he's talking to the communications director saying there's a misunderstanding of what obama was talking about in 2008 when he
, virginia, ronald is on our line for democratings. go ahead, ronald. caller: how are you this morning? host: fine. how do you think political conventions should be done in 2016. caller: i don't think one dime of taxpayer money should go to any political convention. there's no justification for it. they raise hundreds of millions of dollars. i just don't see why taxpayer money should go to this. an example -- politicians considering themselves first. that's my only comment. host: to indianapolis, indiana. christian is on the line for independents. good morning, christian? caller: how are you today? host: what do you think should be changed for 2016. caller: i liked c-span where you got to see everything. in a world scripted, in a world where the main stream media or any of the media has kind of a limited -- a limited -- they don't cover it and we end up in snippets. there's so many things, it's interesting some of the more heart felt stories or some of the most interesting things, sometimes are lost because the general public doesn't get to see it because it's not -- the networks don't have
. host: all right, virginia. parker, independent line. good morning. caller: we should be honoring those who lost their lives 10 years ago. and we should be helping those people need help with their health insurance from the blast. host: there is an update on that this morning in "of the baltimore sun." "the 70,000 surviving firefighters and other first responders who worked at the world trade center after the attack will be entitled to free monitoring treatment for some 50 forms of cancer." that is an update this morning on the part of the story. remember, you can also send us your comments via twitter, or you can send us an e-mail, john, independent, baltimore. caller: i would agree with what is being set by most americans, that we need to move on. that does not mean that we forget what has taken place, but as a nation we need to be united and we need to really know what the threat is in this country. i think -- i was just watching a brookings on c-span that aired yesterday. defensiveness by the audience there, and also the gentleman from the b
to in virginia said she was happy to take a job but the lower end, but she could not get hired and she felt that she was being discriminated against, as why would they want to hire someone that would only be there for a few years? host: on twitter, dana tells us about her household income -- not spending and will not spend as long as obama is in office. we're talking about your household economy as we see trends over the past year and prior decades. the next telephone call is from houston. cathy is on the line with us. caller: thank you, susan. i live in houston, a right-to- work state. they will hire you up to 37 hours a week to not give the benefits or holidays. we have an economy where we did everything to the rich and keep your fingers crossed that they might trickle-down to you. we have legalized slavery. remember when the u.s. used to fight against child communists and slave labor? we call them our trade partners. why hire an american when you could pay a kid the same thing? my husband is an aircraft inspector. they're going to el salvador for 4000 a year. while tsa flags you down, ou
still existed. there were parts of a virginia where the union army had a football -- foothold. slavery still existed. >> president clinton issued an early version of the emancipation proclamation following the victory at anti etam. yet questions on the battle and repercussions on the single bloodiest day of fighting in american history. sunday from antietam national battlefield. >> people like to see where views have shifted over the years. they want to see where -- when he was doing during his 2002 campaign. they would like to see how these politicians have involved. there is an element where people are like, this is incredibly interesting. >> i am try to think why isn't he has changed so often. why does he find it so difficult to come down on one side of an issue? >> running for state office for the first time, is it helpful to have a governor named rod blagojevich if your name is barack obama? >> the best way to describe it as the heart of the internet. >> more with this buzzfeed reporter on c-span's "q & a." washington journal continues. host: we are continuing with a discussion on
good seat. anyou're telling me about experience you had in virginia last week. >> i was traveling around the state and had some round tables with women that were undecided. i wanted to move them to the decided column. they were hungry for a conversation about why the president is fighting for women. the president believes in a woman's right to choose. he has been fighting to get the vice president to come back and domestic violence. and the president has fought so hard to get the economy back and moving in the right direction. i saw how their stories resonated with what the president is trying to do. we will be busy for the next several weeks. the stakes in this election are very high. as a mother and son but looking forward to being a grandmother one day, it is important -- not right now but someday soon. it is important that my grandchildren inherit a country that is moving in a positive direction with a strong middle class. it is important to grow our middle class and the top down economics the other side is proposing is not work. in. all an havingooking forward to a discussion
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30